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Sikh Gallery Campaign

We are happy to announce that construction has begun on the Sikh Gallery at the National Museum of Natural History.

As many of you know, this project has grown from a display vitrine concept to a full fledged exhibition gallery complete with selected works from the Kapany collection, borrowed items from India, and some of the most high-tech features of any gallery in the world.

The Sikh Heritage Foundation has been hard at work raising funds for the project including national outreach events in Los Angeles, Cleveland, and San Francisco over the past 12 months.

The foundation was also delighted to solicit corporate support from such firms as Sony, Pepsi, and Acteva in our events and future development within the Sikh Gallery. This marks a monumental step for any Sikh-related organization in attracting international Fortune 100 firms to understand and support our efforts.

To date we have raised over $700,000 of a total $900,000 needed for the Gallery development, manuscript digitizing/procurement, and opening ceremonies slated for 2004.

We would like to thank all of our members and donors for this amazing support!



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